Re-living the battle as I wrote about it must have given me a boost of energy -- what a surprise to look up to see the candles have burned out and to realize the light in the room is coming from the morning sun!

Glancing out the window, I see I'm not the only one awake. For a moment, I thought I saw Daniel heading out to resume yesterday's hunt with someone from the White Army along side him! Then I realized that his companion was Wilbur, with a light-colored blanket over his horse today. In our Great Hall, I see torches glowing over some of the young folk who must've played that popular new game (chest?) through the night. Miriam and Jonathan are leaning over one board, and it looks like Manu is patiently doing her best to coach Julian at another. She's a natural teacher, but that's got to be a CHALLENGE!

Some things always seem to be the same here, and I hear one of those right now. A great debate in the courtyard between Archibald and Zachary about the events of the day. Both yapping away for hours, neither paying the least attention to the other!

Good Night!


Prof. Chester Nuhmentz, Jr.
E-mail: author@professorchess.com


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