Chapter 18

Picturing Victory

Only Winston knew for sure what Miriam was doing. Just before she left on her search for Jonathan, she told Winston that she was afraid Johnathan was on Mt. Aerie badly hurt, or worse. She didn't need to ask for help -- Winston immediately said he'd be on his way as soon as he rounded up a sturdy cart, loaded it with blankets and water, and attached it to his horse.


A long pause came over the battlefield about that time. The struggle for control of the eastern fields had been settled and everyone sensed that we were about to enter a new phase in the fighting. It was likely that our next move would be for Manfred to take over the postion which Miriam had been holding. After that, things became murky. We knew we had the upper hand over the White Army, yet there was no obvious path to victory.

Hoping this would produce clues about how to proceed, I studied our advantages on the battlefield:

When the celebration began this evening near our castle's front gates, I found out that a few others were also planning for our final attack at the same time I was! It was great fun to hear how Wilbur, Ebonie, and Charlie (our foot soldier who guards our western tower) all had envisioned trapping Blanco, with starring roles for themselves, of course!


The gathering at the gates had turned into a festive party when Winston returned from Mt. Aerie. Behind him in his cart, in pain from two badly sprained ankles and many cuts and bruises, was a happy Jonathan and his rescuer, Miriam! The quiet crowd suddenly was cheering and hollering, and the worried chatter of Julian was replaced by tales of brave soldiers and their heroic feats.

Ebonie and her special unit began to tell the crowd of how they had imagined trapping Blanco in his war room by themselves. The crowd roared their approval! Next, warrior Heath got up and explained how he had envisioned racing down the western edge to give Ebonie crucial help to trap Bully Blanco. He sounded like a natural leader! Then Wilbur told his tale of how he dreamed up his plan to singlehandedly trap Blanco (with LOTS of help from Ebonie -- even help from the White Army) and a complicated tale his was!

Jonathan of course had not seen the final battle himself. So he listened to each story with much amazement, and furiously drew maps as the soldiers told their tales. When the stories ended and I was visiting with Jonathan, he showed me the pictures he had drawn for each story.

To my astonishment, one of Jonathan's drawings showed EXACTLY how we really did trap Blanco!

Ebonie's Vision
Ebonie's Vision
Heath's Vision
Heath's Vision
Wilbur's Vision
Wilbur's Vision

My thanks to all the readers who voted for the ending for the story during Winter (Summer for some of you!) 2003. The story continues below based on the ending that received the most votes. Sometime in the future, alternative endings based on the other two choices will also be posted. I hope you enjoy the ending that's presented here!

Prof. Chester Nuhmentz
April 5, 2003

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Blanco Struggles for Space

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Manu Sounds An Alarm!

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