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Those of you who grew up living in ancient European castles already know how tough it is to keep track of your belongings in these big old buildings. There's just too darn many places where you can put down your stuff and never see it again! Secret hallways, dungeons, little rooms way up in remote towers ...

And it's awfully hard to find good help to straighten these places up. It's been that way ever since those rumors went around about some clumsy princess jabbing her finger on a spinning wheel. The housecleaners now all have tons of excuses for why they can't tidy up our out-of-the-way nooks and crannies.

So when castle owners are clearing out things for a neighborhood yard sale, we sometimes run across a dusty old item that's sat in the shadows for centuries. Apparently that's what happened to King Gustafon's diary. It must've sat in a dimly lit corner for perhaps 800 years or so before "someone" accidentally found it.

Here are excerpts from what Gustafon wrote
once upon a time, in a land far away ...

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