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From GM Maurice Ashley of New York, New York ...
New York

Let me just say your stuff is brilliant! Clearly, you put a lot of thought and time into creating it and it shows in everything. The ideas are right in line with the spirit of how I think chess should be taught to kids.

From Christopher Dorr of Cincinnati, Ohio ...
Ohio I don't think I have had a student in the last couple of years with whom I have not used your materials ...
I just wanted to say how impressed I am with the work you have made available to chess teachers. I teach several students individually, and my wife teaches an elementary school chess club, and we both use some of your materials. They are well thought-out, and impressively implemented. Just wanted to say thanks for the effort.

From FIDE Master Chuck Schulien of Portland, Oregon ...

Portland Chess Institute
We've been looking for this kind of material for years and hadn't found anything close ... Your enthusiasm pervades the material, and the kids respond to it.

From Scott Pfeiffer of Jacksonville Beach, Florida ...
Florida These instructional aids are a great way for students to exercise their chess skills in a fun, but effective approach! I especially liked HOPPER as a means of reinforcing the difficult movement of the Knight, as well as providing a scenario for learning to calculate.

From Kevin Guay of Wilsonville, Oregon ...
Oregon Thanks for the awesome chess material, you can't imagine how you captured my sons' imaginations. ... Again thank you and I want you to know the way you approach chess makes it fun and meaningful. My boys love to solve the problems. It's a great strategy. ... Also, at night I read King Gustafon's tales to the twins which they absolutely love.

From Richard James of Twickenham, United Kingdom ...
United Kingdom

chessKIDS academy
Although we are using different media and writing styles to put our message across, I am struck by how similar our views are on how chess should be approached and taught - your verbal descriptions of each level match almost exactly the way we run things at Richmond Junior Club.

From Bob Ciaffone of Saginaw, Michigan ...

Michigan Scholastic Chess
Frankly, this is not my approach to teaching chess. I think the time is better spent teaching the game directly, rather than creating "sub-games" for instructional purposes.

From Steve Herx of New York, New York ...
New York

Chess in the Schools
My colleagues and I are quite impressed with what you have done. Outstanding.

From Jacob Osborne of Glendale, Arizona ...
Arizona Thank you for all the awesome books. I love them a lot. I'm 10 years old And I LOVE TO PLAY CHESS.

From Karen Merker of Kingston, New York ...
New York

St. Joseph's Mighty Pawns
Last Saturday, we had a two hour ride to Larchmont, NY for a tournament. I brought your little flip books in the van and passed them around to the kids. They were thoroughly engaged in the puzzles (and it made it a quiet van trip for once).
However, on the ride home, you couldn't have kept them quiet with gags or chloroform! You see, of the sixteen players, eleven took individual prizes and we took home four team trophies!
Thanks again for the cool materials.

From Life Master Peter Prochaska of Portland, Oregon ...

Chess Odyssey
Congratulations on some truly fine materials.

From Jacinta Buist of Christchurch, New Zealand ...
New York Thank you for the wonderful treasures! ... Your work is very, very good. In fact, absolutely spot on!

From Tom Brownscombe of New Windsor, New York ...
New York

United States
Chess Federation
The staff here, and some of them are very good chess players, have been having fun working their way through a few of the books ... The material you've created is outstanding.

From António Mamede Diogo of Portugal
Portugal I'm Portuguese, and I must tell you that the material and the manner that you put it is very instructive. Thanks for your very good teaching page.

From Eddie Bromilow of the United Kingdom
United Kingdom I think it is extremely useful to be able to download such high quality material.

From Frank ALejandro of Kaneohe, Hawaii ...

Asset School Chess Club

Le Jardin Academy

Windward Chess Club

Windward Mall Chess Club
... I'm very impressed with how you made the chess game more interesting using common games to teach this old game! Every child and adult should learn and understand! The ideas will help not only learn this game, but can help a child / adult learn many things besides the game of chess. So keep adding material and I look forward to using this material in our chess classes here in Hawaii and elsewhere ... I'm sending you another $15 for Assets School Chess Club, which makes four clubs in Hawaii using your outstanding forms and learning tools.

From Mike Haney of Racine, Wisconsin

St. John's Chess Club
To put my 2 cents in, you have some of the most entertaining and engaging material for kids that I have seen, your hand work is appreciated here in St. John's School in Racine, Wisconsin!!

From Doug Bellizzi of New York, New York ...
New York

The Right Move Chess Foundation, Inc.
I was very impressed with the chess education material on your website. I have been working in this field for over 17 years.

From Jim Quon of San Diego, California
California I'm been teaching chess for over a dozen years now and am a national master. I ran across your site and found the material you've made really creative and a lot of fun!

From Rick Darnell of Cheyenne, Wyoming

Youth PEP Center Chess Club
My copies of "Stop Look List'em" and "Veni Vedi Vici" are getting consumed by my students (in the best sense of the word).

From Bob Young -- Chess Coach
Benjamin Franklin
Elementary School
Chess Club
Great site, its been a big help to me!

From Skip Sabin -- Chess Coach
The Reardan Chess Club
Thank you and nice work ... you have done your part to help out chess players world wide.

From Vince Bazemore of the Utah Chess Academy
Utah I bought the individual program a couple of months ago. It's the greatest!! I would like to upgrape to the club with more than one location.

From Mary McCooeye of Orillia, Ontario ...

Simcoe County Chess Club
Just how is it you're not making millions? Really. Some people just don't know what they're missing.

From Bob Curry -- Chess Supporter
Milos Baishanski's Mobile Tutorial Chess Club
... By the way, We think the club forms are great

From Keith Kolischak of Winston-Salem, North Carolina
North Carolina Thanks for all of the free information you have provided, my students really enjoy them. I hope that the additonal material will also help them improve their game.

From Kitty Prophet of Surrey, British Columbia ...
British Columbia

Guildford Library Chess Club
Thanks so much -- your site is an excellent resource.

From John Yaeger -- Chess Coach
Mt. Washington
Elementary School
Chess Club
Thanks for the chess help. Great for the club.

From Jeff Pittman of Jonesboro, Arkansas ...

Knights of Concordia Chess Club
Thank you for all of your work ... Your instructional materials are very good. I believe there would be strong school market for your materials, if we had promotion of chess at public schools.

From Clark Gaylord of Blacksburg, Virginia ...

Blacksburg Middle School Chess Club
Hello - I am the chess coach of a new club at Blacksburg Middle School. I have found your material very helpful. Thank you for the dedication you have to chess education.

From Dan Cuprill of Cincinnati, Ohio ...

Junior Masters Chess League
I love your site. I'll be letting other chess coaches know about it as well.

From Bill Freiburger of Pecatonica, Illinois ...

Pecatonica Chess Club
We are starting our chess program in Pecatonica with 120 students and your site will be of great help ... Your forms and site look terrific, I for one will certainly use them. It's a great service that you have and I will let people know about it.

From Jenn -- Chess Player
Your site was recommended to me by a friend. It is the best chess recommendation I've received so far, for your site is awesome!

From Michael -- Chess Player
Extend my membership. It's money well spent. Thanks for your work.

From Lars -- Chess Parent
The stuff on your site is just great! ... My son is a keen chess player and is eager to train as well, so your material is just what we need! He was very happy to "Unmask the Impostor!"

From Ken -- Chess Parent
My son is ecstatic over your material. ... I am certain your materials will provide the much needed "Fun" that has been missing so far from our chess work.

From Lee -- Chess Player
Your site is an awesome one. You deserve a lot of credit for the work you have done. I plan to visit often. Being an adult beginner at chess, I find your worksheets and booklets more beneficial than practically all of the chessbooks I've collected over the last few years.

From Su Lee -- Chess Coach
The Weston Scholastic Chess Club
It seems that everything that I had in mind, you already have in print.

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