Chess Training Materials

Some Background Information

The exercise materials offered at this site help chess players do what soccer players do before a World Cup match, what grandmasters do before a tournament: practice the basic skills of their sport. The material have received outstanding reviews from top scholastic chess teachers. You're invited to take a took at tips, quizzes, and stories for chess instruction, and to download some material you can print and copy yourself!

About The Material And Chess Instruction

While the material can be used effectively by individuals working on their own, best results come when the students have access to a chess coach.

The products can help players to work on fundamental skills at an appropriate degree of difficulty. They're adaptable to many styles of chess instruction, and are flexible enough to use just about anytime, anywhere.

By providing structured exercises for basic chess skills, the material helps students to do (and enjoy!) their chess push-ups, sit-ups, and laps.


Prof. Chester Nuhmentz, Jr.


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