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Sample Link To A School Home Page

Special note to club coaches -- All of the links shown here can easily be 
changed to fit your needs.  If your school has a public web site, you may 
want to include a link to it on this page.

Academic Chess

An amazing site with a wide range of creative lessons, videos, interactive 
options, and other material designed with school-based chess programs in mind.

Chess Express Ratings

A site our club might use for tracking our player ratings.

A Field Guide To Chess Tactics

Detailed lessons and quizzes on chess tactics are available at this 
attractive site, also named "Predator At The Chessboard"!

Chess Database

This terrific site not only provides access to millions of stored games, it 
provides an option for automatically notating your own games!

The Exeter Chess Club Site

Well established and still growing, this site offers a wealth of information 
for chess students and coaches.

Jeremy Silman's Chess Instruction Page

Chess lessons for players ranging in skill from beginners to advanced.

Kid Chess

A wide range of chess resources aimed at scholastic players and programs.

A directory with well-organized links to chess sites.  Categories include 
rules, articles, matches, software, news, playsites, leagues, tournaments and more.

An Amazing Chess Player And Artist

This site gives a sketch of Paul Smith, a man who mastered chess and 
developed a unique way of creating artwork despite huge obstacles.

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