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Special Guest/Simul At January 11th Meeting!

     Local chess master Serge Horvath has graciously accepted an invitation to join us 
for our regular club meeting on January 11th.  He has also agreed to play in a simul 
against up to 15 of our members!  So if you in the top 15 on our club ladder for 
members who attend that night, be prepared to do battle with Serge!

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Thank You!

     A big THANK YOU to the anonymous donor who contributed 2 chess clocks to the 
club last week.

Special Request:

     Does anyone know how to repair mechanical chess clocks?  We now have two of 
them that don't appear to work.

State Tournament

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     The state tournament this year will be held in Springfield during the week of March 
27th.  Mark your calendars.  Details will be available soon.

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Cancelled Club Meetings

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Beginning on September 20th, our meetings for the 2005-2006 school year will be 
held each Wednesday evening at 6:30 in the library.

We will meet only on days when school is in session.  IF THERE'S NO SCHOOL ON A 

Here are some dates when club meetings will NOT be held:
- November 23rd
- December 28th
- January 4th
- March 15th

Club Dues

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Thanks to all who have already paid their club dues for this year.  If you've not yet 
paid, please try to do so in the near future.  Dues are $10 for the year and can be paid 
at any club meeting.  Checks should be written out to the school.

If payment is a problem, scholarships are available.

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Prof. Chester Nuhmentz, Jr.