NAME: Zsuzsa "Susan" Polgar
BIRTHDATE: April 19, 1969
BIRTHPLACE: Budapest, Hungary
CREDENTIALS: In1984, at age 15, she became the highest-ranking female chess player in the world. In the 20 years since, she has always been one of the the top three female players in the world. She became the first woman to earn the men's Grandmaster title, in 1991. She won the Women's World Championship in 1996.
Demonstrates a style that makes great chess moves appear to be easier to find then they really are -- by keeping her pieces working together, beautiful combinations seem to simply flow through her games. In addition to being a highly distinguished player in her own right, she is also known for her chess journalism and tutorials. I firmly believe that chess can help children develop mental disciplines, analytical skills, strategic thinking skills, and will help children excel in schools and in life.
Born Zsuza Polgar in Budapest, Hungary. Learned chess along with her two younger sisters at an early age. By 1984 she had become the highest ranking female player, yet this was short-lived due to a controversial decision soon afterwards to award every other female player an extra 100 points. This was intended to offset any advantage Polgar may have had in the ratings by having played higher-ranking male opponents, although the calculations used became a point of debate. Won the Women's World Championship in 1996 did not defend the title in 1999 because of a set of conditions that many viewed as unfair. She runs the Polgar Chess Center in New York to encourage young boys and girls interested in pursuing the game. She is one of the best-selling chess authors worldwide.