NAME: Aron Nimzowitsch
BIRTHDATE: November 7, 1886
BIRTHPLACE: Ringa, Latvia
CREDENTIALS: Was the third best player in the world during his peak, just behind Alekhine and Capablanca. However, Nimzowitsch is even more known for his teaching. He wrote three books on chess strategy, including the popular My System, which is said to be read by 99 out of 100 chess masters.
Was the founder of Hypermodernism. In doing so, he revolutionized beginning game theory, showing that control of the center of the board mattered more than occupying it. He also expanded on strategies based on exploiting open files.
Learned chess at the age of 8. Well known for both his play and his teaching, Nimzowitsch was one of the foremost figures in chess strategy during the early twentieth century. Many chess openings are named in his honor, including the Nimzo-Indian Defence. He died in Denmark on March 16, 1935.