NAME: Vera Frankevna Menchik
BIRTHDATE: February 16, 1906
CREDENTIALS: Won the British girls; championship by the age of 15. In 1927, Menchik won the first women's world chess championship, a competition she would win each time she participated. In those eight championship events, she would win 78 games, draw 4 games, and lose only one.
Great sense of positional style and endgame mastery. Her technique would bring her victory in the women's chess championship as well as over male opponents, and the men that she defeated were said to belong to the "Menchik Club".
Born in Russia and moved to Britian when she was 15. Had a highly succesful run throughout eight women world championships, and the trophy for the winning team in the Women's Chess Olympiad is now known as the Vera Menchik Cup. She was killed in a bombing raid in Kent, England during the second World War.