NAME: Bent Larsen
BIRTHDATE: March 4, 1935
BIRTHPLACE: Thisted, Denmark
CREDENTIALS: Considered the strongest chess player to ever come out of Denmark. Won the Interzonal tournament on three occasions. Played in the Candidate tournament four times, and in 1967 he was awarded the Chess Oscar as player of the year!
MODUS OPERANDI: Known for his creativity and unusual openings. One of the very few modern grandmasters to use Bird's Opening (1. f4). Also, an opening beginning with the irregular move 1. b3 is sometimes called the Nimzo-Larsen Attack in his (and Aron Nimzowitsch's) honor!
BIOGRAPHICAL SKETCH: Learned to play chess at age six. By the age of 19, he was already an International Master--and only two years later he became an International Grandmaster. He now lives in Argentina with his wife, and continues to play in occasional tournaments.