NAME: Vladimir Kramnik
BIRTHDATE: June 25, 1975
BIRTHPLACE: Tuapse, Russia
CREDENTIALS: Was World Junior Champion and World Cadet champion prior to defeating Garry Kasparov in 2000 in a match to decide the World Chess Championship. (The title of World Chess Champion had become split by that time, and although this match was widely recognized as the beginning of a new reign in chess, it was not recognized by FIDE.)
Exceptionally thorough knowledge and understanding of chess theory. Known for beautifully creative yet precise calculations, in the tradition of Capablanca, Fischer, and Kasparov. His defense is outstanding. Here's his straightforward advice on how to play effectively against Garry Kasparov, the highest rated player of all time:'s very simple: to start with, if you want to win the match, you shouldn't be afraid of him. There are still many, many things to do, but above all this is the most important: Don't be scared of him That quote summarizes Kramnik's direct, fearless approach to the game.
Vladimir first learned to play chess at age 4. Later he would become another of the outstanding players to train at Mikhail Botvinnik's chess school in Moscow. At age 16 was a gold-medal-winning member of the Russian team in the Chess Olympiads. At that time, eight years before Kramnik defeated him to take over as World Chess Champion, Garry Kasparov siad this about Vladimir: The most talented of all players that I have ever seen is Vladimir Kramnik. As far as talent is concerned, he is definitively the number one. Kramnik is known as a gentleman with a broad range of interests, particularly for the arts and music.