NAME: Paul Keres
BIRTHDATE: January 7, 1916
BIRTHPLACE: Narva, Estonia
CREDENTIALS: Won the USSR Chess Championship three times, and finished as a runner-up in the Candidates tournaments four times. Dubbed "The Crown Prince of Chess", many people believe him to be the strongest modern player to never have made it to a World Championship match.
MODUS OPERANDI: A scholar and mathematician with a calculating mind, Keres could control the board from a variety of positions in both offensive and defensive play. He was especially interested in endgame scenarios and is the author of many books, including Practical Chess Endings.
BIOGRAPHICAL SKETCH: Began playing chess early -- reported by some sources as age four, and most likely learned from his parents. In 1938 he won the AVRO (Amsterdam) chess tournament, tying with Reuben Fine. Although the winner of this match was supposed to play for the World Championship, the outbreak of World War II brought discussions to an end. In 1973 he died of a heart attack in Helsinki, Finland. The five kroons Estonian banknote bears his image.