NAME: David Ionovich Bronstein
BIRTHDATE: February 19, 1924
BIRTHPLACE: Belaya Tserkov, Ukraine
CREDENTIALS: Shared the title of chess champion of the Soviet Union in 1948 and 1949. Drew with Mikhail Botvinnik in their World Chess Championship match of 1951 (Bronstein was the challenger and the title remained with Botvinnik).
MODUS OPERANDI: One of the few top players of the 20th century known for having a swashbuckling style reminiscent of the days of Morphy. Through his games and writing he has helped to advance our insight into several opening lines, especially the King's Indian Defense. His play is known for being both imaginative and solid.
BIOGRAPHICAL SKETCH: Learned chess from family members when he was six. Spent much time studying games from the Romantic Era of chess, and developed a life-long love and skill for creating artistic, innovative combinations. His style of play, which has often introduced surprises and new ideas, contrasted sharply with the constrained, logical methods used by most other Soviet grandmasters during his peak years as a tournament player. Besides being a top competitor over the board, Bronstein is famous for being a fine author and a gracious, entertaining special guest at events for chess players of all levels.