NAME: Maurice Ashley
BIRTHDATE: March 6, 1966
BIRTHPLACE: St. Andrew, Jamaica
CREDENTIALS: In addition to being one of the world's foremost players, he is an accomplished commentator, coach, promoter, and spokesman for the game. He received much attention in 1999 for becoming the first American grandmaster of African descent.
MODUS OPERANDI: His approach is reflected in the proposal he has made to disallow draw offers before move 50 -- he's a tough, determined opponent who gracefully plays chess as one might a martial art.
BIOGRAPHICAL SKETCH: Moved from Jamaica to New York at age twelve. About the same time, he learned chess from his brother. In response to the frustration of badly losing one of his first games, Maurice began to study a book about Paul Morphy. Soon he was training others as well as himself, and he has become one of the greatest ambassadors and teachers of chess. This quote is attributed to him, AFTER he became a grandmaster! -- I'm still a beginner, as far as I'm concerned. There's so much to learn. The game is still fresh for me.