NAME: Michael Adams
BIRTHDATE: November 17, 1971
BIRTHPLACE: Perranporth, England
CREDENTIALS: Became the British Chess Champion in 1989 while only 17 years old. British co-champion in 1997. Has been regularly ranked among the top handful of chess players in the world.
MODUS OPERANDI: Known for consistently being able to create solid positions that he uses to launch well-devised attacks without weakening his defense. Has had much success with the Marshall Attack. Strong endgame player.
BIOGRAPHICAL SKETCH: Michael (often referred to as "Mickey") learned to play chess when he was a six-year-old in England's westcountry. After he and his family moved, Mickey became active in a chess club in Falmouth. He won his first junior Congress on his 8th birthday, and before he left primary school had had won a host of titles including the British Under 11 Championship. Since then, he has gone on to become a contender for the title of World Chess Champion. In addition to chess, he's a fan of several sports, particularly boxing.